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WANTED: skate skis (nnn) (5’10”, 220 pounds); skate poles; have not skied on snow for 30+ years, but have been training in Florida on roller skis since Jan. [see my blog at https://wordpress.com/view/theguern.wordpress.com ]; training and race partner(s) [ #WhySkiAlone #MoreFunAsATeam #HopeIGoFasterOnSnow ] to help prep for:

    2018/01/27 Noquemanon Ski Marathon 50k

    2018/02/10 North American Vasa 51k

Also looking to share ride/hotel in Marquette for the Noque;

Have OK from Florida employer to work remotely from T.C. Jan-Feb (and beyond?), but NEED ACCOMODATIONS. Rent? Board?

Born in Michigan, ready to come home.