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Time to Renew Your Membership in the Vasa Ski Club!

Yes, it’s that time again….. time to shell out a few shekels to join or renew your membership in the VSC. To do this, simply click HERE, OR come to the Ski Swap on Saturday, November 14, at Brick Wheels, 10:00 AM -2:00 PM. A free VSC luggage tag will be given to all who sign up at “The Swap!”

Membership fees are a mere $15 for students, $25 for individuals, and $50 for families.

With your help we can have another great year! Here’s what VSC’s hard-working and dedicated volunteers accomplished in 2014-15:

  • Hosted another annual October Ski Fest, including the U.S.’s and Michigan Cup’s very first on-snow Nordic race, with a course made from ”recycled snow” donated by the Civic Arena skating rink.
  • Held a “Ski Swap” as part of the Ski Fest.
  • Added $3,000 of waxable classic skis to our inventory of rental skis, boots and poles, now valued at over $20,000, allowing kids in our ski programs and the general public to enjoy our sport.
  • Established two $3,000 scholarship funds for kids allowing kids to participate in state and national races, and the Middle School program. Awarded $3500 in funds as part of these programs.
  • * Conducted an after-school “Learn to Ski” program for 50 middle school kids. This included providing bussing to three middle schools to transport the kids to the program.
  • * Provided funding for middle school kids to participate in the 6K race as part of the North American Vasa Festival of Races.
  • * Coordinated and trained over 20 coaches volunteering for our “learn to ski” adult and kids’ programs.
  • Conducted training in downhill technique for skinny skis by a certified PSIA coach.
  • Assisted six of our coaches to achieve advanced PSIA certification for ski coaching.
  • Held pre and post-season parties for members, and an awesome trailside “Flash Party” in the spring.
  • Worked extensively with the TC Trails Coalition to expand the network of trails around the VASA to mitigate fat bike & skier conflict.
  • Funded the Michigan Cup entry fee for all members and encouraged participation in statewide ski events.
  • Provided funding to Traverse Area Recreation Trails (TART) that manages XC ski grooming.
  • Hosted the Banff Film Festival World Tour TC at the State Theatre for the 3rd year, a major community event and club fundraiser.

Keep the momentum going! Join the fun! Become a member and help us make another exciting year happen!

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