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VSC Rocks the Noque!

The Vasa Ski Club is proud of the 75 or so local skiers who trekked to Marquette to ski the Noquemenon Ski Marathon last weekend. There were classic and skating events ranging from 3K to 50K distances. We challenged ourselves at one of the finest ski events in North America and some of the most fun one could have on skis. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday with light winds in the mid 20’s - just a perfect cross country ski day!

There were some notable top finishes and some of us who rounded out the other end of our age group. Special congratulations to these VSC members who skied to an overall podium finish: Erica O’Hearn, 2nd in the Women’s 24K freestyle; Isaac Coulter, 2nd in the men’s 12K classic; and Dana Pflughoeft, 2nd in the women’s 12K classic.

Kudos to these VSC age group winners: Milan Baic (1), Scott Howard (2), Tom Sutter (2), John O’Hearn (1), Karen Kirt (1), Melzar Coulter (1), Jennifer Brown (1), Laura Miller (1), Marnie Sutter (3), James Sommerville (1), Curt Peterson (1), Gussie Peterson (1), Emily Carefoot (2), Bridget Carefoot (1), Eric Jean (3), Michele Howard (3), Arielle Jean (1), Abigail Jean (3), Duane Amato (1), William Chown (2), and Martin Chown (3).

Many took home cow bells and swag, but everyone took home a memorable experience! Congrats to all!  (And apologies if we missed anyone who placed!)


This Weekend’s Races

The Michigan Cup schedule has us traveling back to the Grayling area for a 17K skate race at Forbush Corner on Saturday (January 30). The Fun race is 8K, and the VSC gets 1 participation point (not 10 as indicated) for any member who does this race. Hit this link for more complete info:


On Sunday, January 30, Hanson Hills hosts the Hanson Hills Classic, a 12K race with interval starts. Here’s the info: Meijer State Games

Both races are part of the Miejer State Games of Michigan.

Now go get those MI Cup points!

Final Call for Members

(Then we’ll quit bugging you!)

The final date for submitting names to the Michigan up roster is this Sunday, January 31. We can’t help but notice that there are a many TC area skiers who have been showing up at races, but have not joined the team!  We’d love to have you!  Membership is pretty cheap, considering all the benefits. And it’s easy…. just go to vasaskiclub.org and sign up online, or send in a paper form with your check.  If you mail in your membership, drop Gussie Peterson a line to let her know that “the check is in the mail” (to assure we get your name by the 31st). Her email address is gussiepeterson@gmail.com.  Hurry!

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