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VASA Ski Club and CC Headquarters in a Dead Heat!

Updated results for the Michigan Cup have been posted.  VSC and CC Headquarters are in a virtual tie. The final race of the season (On CC headquarters home turf) will determine the outcome of the Michigan Cup.  If you are even thinking of racing, please do so.  We are at DEFCON 5 here people! If you were going out tonight, stay home and eat your oatmeal. It's on.

Once again if you know anyone that might be looking for a team please contact via email Melinda Mitchell or  Glen Goodman 231 633-1970. Glen or Melinda will get back to you if you leave a message with your name, age and preferred discipline (classic or skate).  If for some reason you do not connect just meet up with them early at the event.  You will be placed on a team. Entry is only $20 for the event and includes a lunch following the competition (I think). See you on Sunday.





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