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We Need You!

Hello Vasa Ski Club, one of our biggest fundraisers is just around the corner.  We need you and your family, friends, neighbors, and possibly acquaintances to come out May 28th and join us for our annual Bayshore Marathon aid station. We get there early, serve a few thousand (about 20,000) servings of water and Gatorade to our friends and have a blast in the process.  This fundraiser helps the club continue our mission and programs like the junior program, coaching, parties, you name it. 

Your friends have stepped up, what are you waiting for? Thanks to the first 25 to sign up: Bill & Rose Carman, Ed & Molly Craven, Paul & Tess Crowley, Gary Faria, Paula Gale, Renee & Cali Gaudard, Eric & Arielle Jean, Anne Hogarth, Mimi Kamp, Angela & Ray Lyon, Patty Mallon, John & Nancy Morris, Maxi Neugbauer, Curt & Gussie Peterson, Randy Smith, and……Marnie & Tom Sutter. We need a good handful more to meet our commitment.  Please email Eric Jean if you can come out and join us!

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