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We Need You!

Hello Vasa Ski Club, we have two of our biggest fundraisers soming up.  These events help the club raise much needed funds to further our mission to promote Nordic skiing in the Grand Traverse Region. We need additional volunteers for the Bayshore Marathon aid station this Saturday May 28th and for the National Cherry Festival Meijer Festival of Races Saturday July 9th.

For the bayshore, please email Eric Jean. We have had a great response from the club but need a few more of you to join us so that we can meet our comittment. If you have already signed up, don't forget to pick up your volunteer t-shirt at Brick Wheels.  You will need the shirt to gain access to the course.

Meijer Festival of Races

This event is another great opportunity for the club to generate funds and give back to our athletic community. Last year we helped start the races andit was a blast.  We get there early, help out and are usually onour way while normal people are just starting their day. Please contact Randy Smith if you are interestedin helping out with this one. These events are a big part of why we have been able to expand our programs and get people skiing. Come out and playwith us!

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