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Volunteers Needed  Saturday July 9th

Meijer Festival of Races

The National Cherry Festival is here and this event is another great opportunity for the club to generate funds and give back to our athletic community. Last year we helped start the races and it looks like we were so good we will do it again.  We get there early, help out and are usually onour way while normal people are just starting their day.

Location is the same: NMC College Dr. (Look for the race start)

Arrival Time: 05:30

Departure Time: (In a couple hours give or take a few minutes)


Tasks include:

1) Pre race set-up barriers, direct traffic, serve a little water

2) Hold pace signs and open “gates” at appropriate start times

3) Clean up and help as needed

Please contact Randy Smith if you are interestedin helping out with this one. These events are a big part of why we have been able to expand our programs and get people skiing. Bring your roller skis and do a little agility with us afterward (same location). Come out and playwith us! VSC

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