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Opening Weekend Races

On December 17, the Vasa Ski Club sponsored Winterstart Freestyle race at Lakes of the North was an auspicious beginning to this winter’s racing season. A total of 51 Vasa Ski Club members participated, all helping the club earn points in our quest to retain the Michigan Cup. Hats (race beanies?) off to race organizer Curt Peterson and Chief-of-Course Glenn Goodman for putting together this early season opportunity to get those competitive juices flowing. A lunch and awards presentation followed the competition, with handmade MI Cup drink coasters (nice work Curt!) going to the top three finishers in each age group. The groomers did their best to tame the massive snowfall that accumulated in the days prior to this 7.5 K race. Conditions were soft, temperatures were colder than predicted, and classic skiers had to work harder without set tracks, but it was great to slip in a race before the winter solstice!

Top placers for Vasa Ski Club in their respective divisions were:

Jr. Women:  Dana Pflughoeft, Abby Jean, Arielle Jean

Jr. Men:  Clay Myers, Elliot Smith, Jack Myers

Sr. Women:  Gussie Peterson, Carrie Urbain, Cyndi Holiday

Sr. Men:  Sam Holmes, Kevin Tarras, Anders Gillis

The Forbush Corner Time Trial was held the next day as an 8K freestyle event.  Admirably representing Vasa Ski Club were Gussie Peterson, Sam Holmes, Glenn Goodman, Clifford Onthank, and Curt Peterson. Pretty impressive to race two days straight at the start of the season!

Complete results for both races at www.nordicskiracer.com

Complete information about all Michigan Cup races can be found at: www.nordicskiracer.com This weekend Michigan Cup action hits Grayling as Hansen Hills hosts the Cote Dame Marie Ski Loppet. Join the Fun!

Michigan High School State Championships

Hello Friends of Traverse City High School Nordic Skiing,Wow- what an incredible weekend of skiing. That was Northern Michigan at it's best! Our local youth skiers need your help at this year's Nordic Skiing High School State Championships. The events will be on February 17 and 18 at the VASA Trailhead on Barlett Rd. Pursuit races have one volunteer shift for the classic portion on Friday, February 17, at 3:00pm. The second shift is for the freestyle portion on Saturday, February 18 at 9:00am. Sprint races will begin at 2:00pm, also on Saturday, February 18.

The races are approaching quickly and as you will see, we need many volunteers. You will find a description of each job opportunity below. Most jobs will require about a two or three hour commitment per race. Please see the attached spreadsheet for signing up and do so as soon as possible. You are welcome to add your name, email, and phone number directly to the document. If you prefer to contact me directly, please feel free to email or call/text: mamabirdlaurie23@gmail.com or 231-632-2097. We also urge you to pass this on to any friends that you think may be interested. If you can do two, or even all three races, please go right ahead and sign up for them. It would help tremendously.

Thank you for volunteering - we couldn’t do it without you! Laurie Coulter

Course Marshals: Course marshals will be assigned to various points along the course to direct skiers and to assure they are not breaking any obvious rules. More information will be forthcoming about these rules. You should bring your skis (or snowshoes) and dress warmly as you will be standing in one position most of the time. For the sprint races on Saturday, it is a 1K course so you will not have to ski out very far. For Friday and Saturday’s pursuit races, the course is just over 5K so you will be no further than about 2.5K from the start. Please indicate your preference for far or near when signing up for this position.​​

Stagers and Starters: These volunteers will assure that skiers are lined up properly and ready to start when their race is up. Stagers and starters tend to be more experienced skiers and/or racers in order to keep things organized at the beginning of each race.

Finish Judge: Will help call the races when close. A professional company is timing the races; however, these are not chip-timed races. There will be video of the finish so it will be incumbent upon the finish judge to determine whether video review is necessary.

Jury: Comprised of three persons including the race director. The jury is only called upon when there is a dispute over whether a rule was broken and to determine an appropriate penalty. Jurors may also be course marshals, stagers, or starters.

Bib Collectors: Two volunteers are assigned to assure that upon finishing the race, bibs are collected immediately from each racer. Bib collectors may also assist the skiers by popping open their ski bindings so that they may quickly exit the finish area.

Parking Directors: Two volunteers to direct traffic at the entrance of the parking lot.

Results Runner: One volunteer to take race results from the finish line to the warming hut and also to the waxing barn.

Stadium Hospitality: One volunteer to make sure our timers, announcers, directors, etc. have everything they might need. Priorities might include coffee and hot cocoa or donuts and cookies!

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