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Cote Dame Marie is ON!

Conditions will be fast and fun.  And Hanson Hills is known for their ability to groom frost. 

VSC members are encouraged to take a road trip to Grayling on Saturday for this popular race on the Michigan Cup circuit. The men ski a 2-lap 26K course, the women ski one 13K lap, and the juniors ski an 8K lap. There's also an 8K Citizens' Race for those new to racing or who want to race a shorter distance. It has both freestyle and classic categories, and is part of the Michigan Cup Fun Race Series.The race starts at 10:00 am.

For those looking for carpooling to the race, you are encouraged to use the Vasa Ski Club's Facebook site.

Here's the trail report posted Thursday, January 19:

Hanson Hills: Trails are Closed today. We were able to delicately groom our Cote Dame Start area this morning. Snow is still soft but with temps dropping tonight Should set up nicely for this weekends race. We will be grooming the race course early tomorrow morning, to allow to set up for Saturday's Races. We kindly ask that you stay off trails while we prepare for this weekend's festivities.

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