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Downhill Skills Clinic This Week

As part of ourongoing efforts to spread the love of Nordic Skiing, the VSC will be hosting a downhill skills clinic for skinny skis once again. Brad Miller will be conducting a cross country skiing clinic focusing on downhill XC skills this Friday 2/24 6pm at Hickory Hills. Cost is 7$ on site. Email Paulbcrowley@yahoo.com to register. We hope to then convene to Sledders for swome serious post training discussion over a beer.


Michigan Cup Update

Team mates!  Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 12. That's RELAY DAY, when the final showdown for the Michigan Cup occurs. This relay is the grand finale for the MI Cup is what will make or break us. No matter what your ability is, we need a show of force!

Top VSC men points winners (among seniors and juniors) are:

1. Sam Holmes

2. Glenn Goodman

3. Cliff Onthank

4. John O'Hearn

5. Todd Vigland

Top VSC women (among seniors and juniors) are:

1. Gussie Peterson

2. Dana Pflughoeft

3. Karen Kirt

4. Carrie Urbain

5. Melinda Mitchell

Michigan Cup Team Standings

1. Vasa 26,958

2. CCSH 20,022

3. GRNST 17,879

4. HH/CCSS 15,754

5. NSR 12,180

6. UM 9,742

7. SS 3,807

Brumbaugh Cup Scoring (lowest score wins):

VSC                795

HHCCSS        807

GRNST           964

CCSH            1044

NSR                1345

UM                  2194

SS                    2702

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