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Spring, Winter, Spring, Winter...

Things have been a bit crazy outdoors since our last update. There has been some good skiing and some not so good skiing. I guess we have to take what Mother Nature throws at us in diagnol stride. For today it looks like we have some more great skiing in store. Whatever you choose to do, get outside with the people that you love.

Spring Skiing, in February?

It was a beautiful sunny weekend for Michigan Cup racing and Vasa Ski Club came out to play for the17K Forbush Freestyle. The race featured an expertly groomed hilly and fun course.  After a one kilometer parade lap, racers headed into the woods for two 8K laps.  The first lap was an adventure; the second took strategy to find the shadiest (colder, faster) part of the lane, and pure determination to keep going as the sun-warmed snow got sticky.  Racers were rewarded with a nice lunch and cool age group medals, for those who managed to place in the top three.  VSC’s own Sam Holmes won the race with John O’Hearn, Glenn Goodman, Tim Onthank, and Denny Polzin also adding MI Cup points for the men.  Gussie Peterson and Melinda Mitchell represented VSC women.

The sun continued to challenge racers at the 14K Hanson Hills Classic on Sunday, where pre-race talk debated the merits of no-wax versus klister, or which klister?  The interval start alternated men and women in age group order, so slower skiers had the opportunity to study the form of older, more experienced racers as they sped by. Sam Holmes was again victorious for the men, with Anders Gillis, Randy Smith, and Glenn Goodman all finishing in the top 12.  Jeremy Treadwell and Dave Whitlock rounded out the VSC men’s contingent.

For the women, Jennifer Brown skied to a fifth place finish with the indefatigable duo of Gussie Peterson and Melinda Mitchell finishing seventh and tenth.  Thanks to all who came out to race for VSC! Next up: Black Mountain in Cheboygan! For complete race results, or further information on MI Cup races, visit nordicskiracer.com

High School State Championships

Congratulations to all of our local athletes that competed in the Michigan High School State Championships. Skiers from St Francis and the combined Traverse City West/Central team put in some great performances under unseasonably warm conditions. The Vasa groomers stepped up bigtime and had the course in great shape despite the beach weather.

Top Local Female Skiers in Overall

1. Mary Lyon (Traverse City)

4.  Emma Schwab (Williamsburg)

6. Kelly Klettner (Traverse City)

9. Arielle Jean (Suttons Bay)

10. Dana Pflughoeft (Traverse City)

12. Kaysen Mortenson-Chown (Traverse City)

13. Abigail Jean (Suttons Bay)

14. Katie Erhardt (Traverse City)

Top Local Male Skiers in Overall

2. Reid Gobel (Petoskey)

4. Jacob Dean (Traverse City)

5. Isaac Coulter (Traverse City)

16. Ted Roe (Traverse City)

Michigan Cup Relays

Okay, team, it's almost Michigan Cup Relay time!  These are the races that won the MI Cup last year, and we want a repeat. We can win if we have 12-15 teams and cover all six categories.  You in?  If you can commit to skiing one 8K lap (classic or skate) at Cross Country Ski Headquarters in Roscommon on Sunday, March 12, WE NEED YOU!

Just send an email to one of your team reps telling us your name, age, and whether you want to ski classic or skate. We will put together teams to best utilize our skiers so we can compete in every category.  Each team is comprised of one classic skier and two skaters. There are male, female, and coed team categories and two age classes.  All ages and abilities are welcome.  You can also put together your own team (make sure all 3 are VSC members for total points).  If you do, please email us info for each skier (name, age, classic/skate).

MI Cup team reps:

Glenn Goodman          glenn@gbgpainting.com

Gussie Peterson          gussiepeterson@gmail.com

Melinda Mitchell           melindajam@aol.com

Race day registration is $20 per skier and includes the post-race awards lunch/party. Check nordicskiracer.com for all the details. This light-hearted event is always a fun way to end the racing season.  Help us make it a victory celebration!

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