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Summer has arrived and so has the heat. If you are like me you enjoy the change of seasons but can't wait for the cooler weather. Although the snow seems far away the club has been busy. Here is a quick update on some of the things we have been up to. Get outdoors and enjoy the Michigan Summer.

Cherry Festival Race Volunteers Needed

Summer is here and with it you know the Cherry Festival of Races is just around the corner. This event is yet another fundraiser for our many programs. For this event we help set up and tear down the start of the running races Saturday July 8th. This is a fairly short time comittment of only 2-3 hours. Once again the club has a chance to earn money and give back to our athletic community. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Randy Smith by clicking Here.

What Have We Been Doing?

We ahve been busy planning our programming for the 2017-2018 winter and fundraising. From a programming standpoint we are working hard to expand our junior programs. Club president Gary Faria is working hard on the Nordic Rocks program for grade school kids. We will be expanding this program in a big way and providing many more skis for the kids.

The club will be getting more involved with our local high school ski programs. These programs offer instruction, recreational and competetive opportunities for local skiers at three high schools. We have great coaches that do a fantastic job but they need a hand to keep things moving along. Additionally there are many potential high school skiers that do not go the any of the three schools with Nordic teams (TC West, TC Central, St. Francis). We would like to make sure that all regional kids have an opportunity to ski in a high school program.

Finally, we have been fundraising. Gary Faria has been working at a feverish pace to secure grant money to buy skis for the Nordic Rocks Program. He has been very successful but you will have to wait until the next update for the details. Gary will be providing a full updeate of all of the grant writing activities in the next newsletter.

Many of you participated in helping us at the Bayshore Marathon aid station. It was an incredible day and we made a difference in the lives of many of our local athletes. The fundraiser brought in $1000 for the club to further our mission. We have great momentum so thanks to all of you for being a part of it.






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