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Hello ski enthusiasts, Fall is in the air and the trees are changing. Mother Nature has given us a great end to Summer here in Northern Michigan and skiing is right around the corner. We have some great events coming up so we hope you will join us in the fun. As always get outside and do what you love.

CXC Coaches Clinic

The VSC will team up with the Central Ski Association (CXC) to offer a free coaches clinic Sunday October 8th at Timber Ridge. The VSC has been rapidly expanding our programming with Nordic Rocks, Middle School Skiing, We Ski, She Skis and the Midwest Nordic Rendezvous. We need to ensure that we have a coaching pool to match. Join us as we learn from the best in the business. The VSC will pick up the tab as we join together to hone our coaching skills. More details will be posted on our website and Facebook page shortly.

Ski Swap Time

Mark your calendars for October 14 as Brick Wheels will once again host the annual Vasa Ski Club Nordic Ski Swap. You can sell or buy Nordic gear at great bargains. Experts will be on hand to help you find the right equipment at the right price. As always you will be able to drop off your equipment on Friday night. We will have our Friends from TART selling grooming badges. The North American Vasa will be doing pre-registration and Timber Ridge passes will be available.

Membership Renewal

October 1st is an important date. Know why?  It’s the start of the Vasa Ski Club 2017-18 membership drive, of course! You can’t afford NOT to join!  The rewards of membership far outweigh the cost. The beer and pizza alone, at our free parties, is worth the price of admission.  But you’ll get more than free pizza and beer. You’ll get training clinics at free and reduced prices, team membership on our MI Cup team, lots of ski social opportunities, and plenty to keep you engaged on XC skiing during TC’s long hard winters. Heck, just supporting XC skiing in the Grand Traverse area is enough reason to join! 

The best way to check this off your to-do list is to come to the Ski Swap at Brick Wheels on October 14.  VSC volunteers  will be there to assist you.  Or you can go to the website, vasaskiclub.org, and pay online using your credit card. Cost is $50/family, $25/person or $15/student.Don’t be left out in the cold this year, with no ski club to call your own. Join in on the fun!  Come ski with us!


Using the generous contributions from several Vasa Ski Club members, Rotary Good Works, and the Traverse City Youth Optimist Foundation, the VSC recently purchased 220 additional pairs of skis to add to the 100 pairs purchased last year, for a total of 320 pairs of skis being provided to nine local elementary schools for the Nordic Rocks program.  The participating TCAPS elementary schools are Blair, Long Lake, Westwoods, Traverse Hts., Cherry Knoll and Eastern.   Other participating schools are Lakeview Elementary in Elk Rapids, Lake Ann Elementary, and Woodlands School.  VSC representatives attended the recent open house events at the TCAPS and Lake Ann schools, and were met by an enthusiastic response from virtually all parents who are excited about Nordic skiing now being included as a regular component of their students’ physical education curriculum.

The VSC is also working with TCAPS to include Nordic skiing in various school events, including after-school LEAP programs, and is providing the teachers with instructor training, suggested on-ski activities, and a proposed Nordic ski curriculum for elementary school beginner skiers.  We will also be appointing interested VSC members as liaisons to assist the schools and physical education teachers, and will be helping the schools put together parent volunteer groups to work with the teachers as needed.  If you would like to help with these efforts, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Randy Smith.

Equal scoring for women. Its way past time.

Vasa Ski Club votes for equal scoring for women and men in ski racing tonight 9-7-2017. The board voted a majority position to offer a proposal to Michigan Cup tonight to have scoring be exactly the same for men and women. Top male and female in each race would recieve 200 pts., 2nd each receive 199 and so forth. This if approved by the Michigan Cup teams would mean that for the first time there would be equal scoring for men and women. There are good positions on how the scoring has worked in the past but persuasive tonight is that we want to encourage more women to race and have equal scoring like Iceman and World Cup Mtn bike championships. The VSC does not have in any way a motive to try to get more points for the club. In fact we feel teams like Hanson Hills may benefit more because they have a strong womens faction. We just want equality. Come on folks this is a change we need to support for our sport. Steve Brown is the leader in this and has offered equal prize money for men and women in his 5000+ participation sport for many years. Now we in the Michigan Cup need to move forward as well.


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