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Hello Vasa

It has been a beautiful spring. I have seen VSC members everywhere in the woods, on the trail, running, cycling, walking, racing. It is certainly a beautiful time of year in the Grand Traverse region. We have already had one big fundraiser (Bayshore Marathon) and have one more to go. Remember, skiers are made in the summer. The same can be said for ski programs. Please consider joining us.


Cherry Festival of Races

Each year the VSC helps out at the start of the Cherry Festival running races. This is an early morning fundraiser where we help set up the start. We also hold some signs for start waves and fill a few cups of water. We are in and out before you know it. Please consider joining us on the morning of July 7th for a couple hours. The aproximate time is 0600-0900 more details tba. Please email Eric Jean ejoutside@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks

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