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Good evening Nordic Skiing friends and family.

Some members of the club have just returned from a tour of the new trails at Hickory Hills. To say that they are impressive would be an understatement. They will change Nordic Skiing in Traverse City in perpetuity. Hickory Hills has been transformed and now includes a full compliment of very impressive Nordic trails. This will be an incredible training ground for Nordic skiers from this point forward. 

The folks at Hickory Hills have asked for our help for a worker bee session this Saturday August 18th from 8AM-12 Noon. We will be doing trail seeding, root trimming and clearing some sticks and brush. Thanks to Hickory we now have an incredible ski venue on the West side and these trails are just the beginning. Additional trails, snowmaking, lights and events are yet to come in the long range plan. Please join us for a morning on the trail. Lets put some elbow grease back into our community and contribute to this incredible network of trails.

Please respond to this email ejoutside@gmail.com if you are able to attend. Thanks very much. Eric

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