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Hickory Is Happening!

Today was the first 'Worker Bee" outing at the new Nordic trails at Hickory Hills. The Nordic Community showed up in force with over 30 people in total. I can't say thanks enough to those that were able to be there today. We made a big impression for our community and did a ton of work as we also previewed the trails.Way to go people. This was volunteerism at it's finest.


The new trails are steep, technical, challenging and very wide. The give us something that has been missing in TC Nordic up to this point. Although they are fantastic, they are also just the start at Hickory. Future trails will be constructed on more moderate and also beginner style terrain. We need every member of our community to take the Traverse City & Garfield township Recreation Authority survey on Hickory Meadows. The Meadows hold the opportunity for beginner level terrain and an expanded Nordic trail system.


The meadows are a great place to run in the summer and ski in the winter. Please take this SURVEY and encourage every active outdoor athletic type that you know to do so as well. Hickory hills and Hickory meadows can be the launch points for the next generation of active outdoor enthusiasts from Traverse City. Please spread the word, lend a hand and most importantly get outdoors and play. 

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