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Michigan Cup Racing 2016-17 - Let's KEEP the Cup!


 All VSC members are automatically signed up for the Michigan Cup race series. You can earn points that go to the Club's standings for any race on the circuit that you participate in.

Every point counts toward the Club's quest to regain "the Cup."

Most importantly, the races are FUN! and a great way to meet like-minded skiers who love the winter.

Bonus!  The VSC-sponsored "Lakes of the North" race on Dec. 17 is free to all members. It includes a nice lunch. This is the MI Cup season-opener.  Do a snow dance so we have a primo course!


North American Vasa sponsored by Short's Brewing Company - February 11-12 at Timber Ridge.

Expect a NEW! EXCITING! Vasa in 2017. 

The best news is that the course will NOT take you up “the wall!” Racers will instead be going around it - on a course that’s the reverse of what it normally is. A wall bypass is being explored so racers don’t have to risk life and limb by going down it.

The other big change being pursued is having separate freestyle and classic days. Saturday will be the freestyle day, with 48K, 28K, 11K and 6K races. Sunday will be the classic day, with 34K, 16K and 6K races on a double-tracked course. The change is to provide a better quality race experience for the classic skiers and encourage more classic skier participation.  If a classic skier really wants to slug through a 48K race (e.g., to prepare for the Birkie), they can still do so on Saturday with the freestylers because there will be a set of tracks.  Fat bike races will also be on the agenda, as well as the Junior Vasa. Plan to participate, either as a racer or volunteer!


If you need someone to carpool with for any Michigan Cup Race, contact one of the reps below.

Your VSC Michigan Cup reps are:

Glenn Goodman    glenn@gbgpainting.com

Gussie Peterson    gussiepeterson@gmail.com

Melinda Mitchell   melindajam@aol.com


MI Cup Race Schedule for 2016-17 has not been published yet