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SheSkis - 3/8


Hello Everyone......as I look at the weather forecast for the next two days, I feel really blue since any organized SheSkis activity from Timber Ridge just isn't going to happen any more this season......it sure was a short one for us!!! Maybe NEXT year, we'll get to go twice as long to get in all the fun things we had planned.
For those of you who still want to ski on your own please feel free to start from Timber Ridge, the Single Track Parking Lot on Supply Rd. or the Vasa Trailhead. I wouldn't recommend that you go in to The Rock using Strombolis Rd. as it is deeply rutted right from the get go; getting stuck is highly likely!
I DO HIGHLY recommend that you RSVP to me ASAP ( at least no later than Sunday night, 3/5) whether or not you're going to join us on Wed., 3/8 at The Red Mesa @ 6:00 PM for our annual "Graduation Party" End of the Season Celebration. The folks at Red Mesa treat us really well by seating us in the side room; letting us order what we will from the regular menu and have individual checks!
Some of you have already let me know your plans for the 8th, so you don't need to repeat your RSVP!
Good Food +Good Folks = GOOD TIME! I hope to see each of you there next week......Linda



SheSkis - 2/22


Hello All....
With these warm temps and rain last night and even warmer temps predicted for tomorrow, we will not have a "formal" SheSkis" on Wed., 2/22.
For those  of you who wish to, you may still go to Timber Ridge, the Vasa Trail Head on Bartlett, or the Single Track Parking Lot and ski from any of those spots. We just won't have anything organized or anything planned in the Lodge and you're on your own.....that being said, please take your cell phone with you and preferably ski with at least one other person. Be sure to let someone know where you'll be skiing and about how long, too.
Things will be dicey for the following week, 3/1, weather-wise,  so stay tuned for that...
HOWEVER, please put Wed., Mar. 8th on your calendars for our annual get together at Red Mesa...details to follow, but they have taken really good care of us in the past - individual checks, order anything you want from the menu, etc. We'll probably gather at 6:00 PM for that, but I will let you know......




SheSkis - 2/15



Mother Nature has given us a beautiful sunshiny day, but it's not so good for the skiing, grooming, etc.!

The long range forecast calls for colder temps and snow for Wed., so let's do this to take the best advantage of the snow we do have...this week could be it...I hope NOT, but looking ahead to next week may bring us into the 50's!!


We'll have several options for a great evening regardless, rather than tying up a presenter....


As groups.....

1) Skiing skate or classic to Rock - about 14 K

2) Skiing skate or classic to Jack Pine - about 9 K

3) Skiing skate or classic around Special K - about 6K

4) Skiing skate or classic inside Timber Ridge - about as many K's as you want


OR don't ski and stay in the Lodge to enjoy each other's company.


Please plan to bring a snack and/or beverage to share since everyone seems to enjoy that a lot! Also, plan to back in the Lodge by 7:00 PM so all can be on their way home by 8:00.....


Sending out congratulations to those of you who either participated or volunteered over the weekend in Vasa's Festival of Races!!!! I know we were well represented!! SheSkiers ROCK!!!!


Hope to see you Wed., 2/15...should things deteriorate, I will send an additional email, otherwise, see you then!


Happy Valentine's Day to each of you!





SheSkis - 2/8


Hello all....
Happy SUN day today!!!
For Wed. night, weather permitting, we'll go on a destination ski and have beverages and snacks afterwards in the Lodge!
Your choice of destinations all leaving promptly from TR Lodge @6:00PM:
1) The Rock
2) Jack Pine - just to it, not through it!
3) Special K
4) As many loops around Timber Ridge as you can
Just plan to be back in the Lodge @ 7:00 pm with a snack and/or beverage to share.....service ware provided...
See you then...watch for an email around noon on Wed., should weather become an issue.




SheSkis - 2/1


Hello All....FINALLY we actually get to ski, so let's do that on Wed., 2/1 @ 6:00 PM at Timber Ridge!!


Afterwards, in the Lodge at 7:00, there is the possibility of chair massages tentatively arranged by Deb Johnson!
We'll have a cookie tray and IF we can get a couple of you to help, we can have a bowl of hot soup! Please let me know (231-409-5683) if you can assist by heating the soup at Timber Ridge before hand, serving and cleaning up (ie. washing the pots and pans, etc.) after......
This coming Sunday will be a busy day at Timber Ridge with the annual Women's Winter Tour starting at 10:00 and going until about 1:30/2:00......Please go to the web site......womenswintertour.com     for all the super details of the fun day and to register for it.....rates are higher on Sunday, so for a great time, register soon!  We could have a SheSkis contingent if someone will be point person to do that (ie. serve as a gathering spot and set up a time/place to meet you)...I would, but I do have a previous responsibility at my church that am that I must honor....so, again, let me know if you can serve in that capacity! Otherwise, just sign up and go have a blast!!
See you Wed with your skis!!!





SheSkis - 1/25



Once again, Mother Nature has decided that there just won't be snow by Wed. night for us.....Women's Community Night at Timber Ridge has been postponed.....keep your fingers crossed for NEXT week!


Looking ahead to Sunday, 1/29, WeSki needs some inside helpers from 2:30 until 5:30 to assist with that program...PLEASE let Linda Deneen know at 231-409-5683 if you can give a hand to this fun session for everyone involved and have some great soup, too!





SheSkis - 1/18


Mother Nature is not being too kind to the skiing community lately, but we will still meet in the Banquet Hall for "Carpet Skiing"!! Wear your tennis shoes, bring your  water bottle and dress in layers for active indoor activity! See you at Timber Ridge at 6:00 PM ready to go!!! No snacks tonight; we'll save that for a ski evening!!



SheSkis - 1/11 - Canceled



Once again, Mother Nature has dealt us a low blow.....no classic track at TimberRidge and poor driving conditions for the evening has forced yet another postponment...we'll have Lesson Night NEXT week, 1/18...see you then!











AT LONG LAST.....Plans for Wes., 12/21


Hello All SheSkiers!!

Yup, this is THE NIGHT...Lesson Night for all skill levels in both skate and classic - you do have to choose one, though!
Plan to be ready to go out at 6:00 pm @ Timber Ridge with your group and instructor and be back into the Lodge at 7:00 where we'll thank them with a toast and celebrate the season a bit! Please bring a finger food snack and/or beverage to share.....
Special Announcements: 
1) WeSki is in need of instructors...Please see Gussie on Wed. or contact Judy Vajda if you are able to help
2) Winter Trails Day is 1/7 @ TimberRidge 
3) Instructors'/Coaches' Clinic is Sun., Jan. 8 @ Timber Ridge - it's free, but you do have to register - See Gussie or Ella, or again contact Judy Vajda (judyvajda@charter.net)
4) Congratulations to SheSkis women who competed in the first Michigan Cup Race of the Season with many earning points for that coveted Michigan Cup!!
See you Wed night!!


Here we go for THIS week, Wed., 12/14...


I Hope your gear is all set to go! I spoke with Ella this PM; she said the base is good and we may even have set track by Wed.! Either way, we will be skiing!!!! Plan to be ready to get out on the snow by 6:00 pm @ Timber Ridge to take advantage of every moment!
This will be an "Open Ski Night", with no particular program set up...it will be wonderful to just get out there and ski. Those of you who are more experienced skiers, please offer to ski with someone who hasn't been on the snow as much as you have. NEXT week is Lesson Night, but we want everyone to have a great first time out on Wed. so take care of each other!
Whether you stay in the park, or go out on the Vasa Trail, please plan to be back in the Lodge by 7:00pm and please DO NOT GO OUT ALONE! It's more fun to go together anyway!! Remember to sign in before you head out, too.....
Wanted to let everyone know that we made $187.50 at the Clothing Exchange thanks to Connie Zoutendyk, and assistant, Cyndi Holiday for getting it organized for us. Special Thanks goes out to Peggy Wagner, Swix Clothing Rep and Carrie Baic, who sold her jewelry and hats! These snow angels donated back to SheSkis a % of their sales that evening. This income allows us to purchase our new business cards (thanks again, Marilyn Schulz and Alice Hauser) and to provide each "presenter" with a small gift card for sharing their expertise, but donations are always welcomed into the blue snowman jar to cover other costs that do come up - think snacks, beverages, etc!
Andrew Gorecki is offering several types of free clinics and assessments at Superior Physical Therapy - feet, back and shoulder issues are a few....contact the clinic for more information and to register for the sessions. If you're having problems, these clinics and assessments are highly recommended!
With an additional email, we have a plea for instructors for WeSki, so watch for that soon. 
Speaking of soon, I look forward to seeing and skiing with you on Wed., 12/14 and then for Lesson Night on the following Wed.,12/21!



Here's the latest and greatest for this week - Wed., 12/7/16! 


Laurie Coulter's mom, Deb Ross will  lead us through some Circuit Training since we still can't ski!! This will start @6:00 pm Wed., 12/7 @ Timber Ridge. You should wear appropriate clothing to be VERY active for about 1/2 hr and bring your yoga/exercise mat and water bottle......why so short???

We're going shopping on THE RED DIRT ROAD! This is really a project that helps women in Cambodia earn money. They use foot pedal sewing machines (no electricity in their village) to sew lovely silk shawls, scarves, clutches, purses and more. Marie Eckstein will tell us more, but bring our Holiday Shopping Lists and your $$, or checkbooks to purchase these items and help these women!

We'll also hear a bit about the World Bicycle Relief Program that provides transportation in African countries mainly for women and the saga of Julius Achon, Olympic athlete from Uganda.

There will be refreshments, but you are invited to bring a fingerfood snackand/or beverage to share.....see you there





For this coming Wed., 11/30, plan on working out on your own and bring your $$$, or checks to the Banquet Hall at Timber Ridge for our Annual Clothng Exchange (aka Fund Raiser for SheSkis - it's our only method of income in addition to donations from SheSkis members - remember our Snowman Jar??). Please bring your gently used items for the "exchange" that will begin at 6:00 and close down at 7:00.

In addition to our stuff, Peggy Wagner, our area Swix clothing representative, is bringing her line of Swix clothing from last year to sell; 10% of what she sells will go back to SheSkis! She is bringing lightweight and insulated jackets and pants suitable for XC Skiing and other active outdoor winter sports. Prices range from $20-150.

Carrie Baic will also be bringing jewelery, hats and scarves that she will be selling with a %age to SheSkis!

This is an excellent way to weed out those items that are in great shape that you just no longer use; bring those "weeds" with you and go home with different duds!

That's it for this week....stay tuned for plans for 12/7....doubt we'll have snow to ski, but we will have a great time - guaranteed!!




SheSkis - 10/26

Get your Yoga gear together for Wed., 10/26! Plan to bring your yoga mat and water bottle to Timber Ridge at 6:00 pm; dress for activity and be ready to have an hour session with our own Carrie Baic, cerrified yoga instructor.


 Last week, we did Hil Bounding and Nordic Walking...dirt to snow for ladies of all skill levels and ages....