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SheSkis 2019


Celebrate our SheSkis Season!!

Wed., 3/13


We'll meet this week at Red Mesa @ 6:00 pm to celebrate our season together! Plan on ordering from the regular menu with separate checks.
Whether you went to SheSkis every time, or something (s)  kept you from joining us at all, if you received this message, then plan to be there to share in the fun!

Please RSVP to me ASAP, if you have not already done so. Red Mesa needs a count of attendees to assign staff to take good care of us......they always do and are welcoming us back!!








One More Time

Save the Best for Last - 3/6


Yes, do you believe it? This coming Wed., 3/6 will be our last time to ski together this season! Wow, where has the winter gone??

We'll ski from 6-7:00 pm from Timber Ridge, or earlier, if you wish. Please plan to bring a snack and/or beverage to share when we get back in from skiing @ 7:00.

Joelle Beaudoin, Certified Athletic Trainer, will be with us to share tips about nutrition for athletes, focusing on XC Skiers! She came last year and by popular popular demand, a return session was requested. She will hopefully ski with us before her presentation, which will be a fun opportunity.
We'll plan to be on the road home by 8:00ish, looking forward to next week's celebration of the season at probably Red Mesa on 3/13....I will contact them this week and make arrangements, unless somebody has a better spot!

Hope to see you at the Ridge on 3/6! Linda




Gotta' Love those Loops!!!

SheSkis Plans for 2/27


Hello SheSkiers!
By Wed., the skiing ought to be wonderful once again! Paula Dreeszen and Gussie Peterson will get you organized to go out and actually ski at least some of the loops that Paula highlighted for us pre-season!
Please plan on being ready to go out from Timber Ridge by 6:00 pm and ski 'til 7:00.
Looking ahead, the following Wed., 3/6, Joelle Beaudoin, Certified Athletic Trainer, will be with us to ski and then come back into the Lodge for a session on nutrition for endurance athletes..details to follow, but plan on skiing from 6-7 and then the Lodge portion from 7-8:00.
Then. on Wed., 3/13, we'll wrap up the season with our annual celebration  - probably at Red Mesa, unless anyone can think of a better place!  Be sure to mark you calendar now, regardless of how many times you came to SheSkis, or not...please plan to join everyone!




SheSkis Partners with Timber Ridge 


Annual Community Night 2/20!!


Hi, SheSkiers!!
Community Night is planned for this Wed., 2/20!! What's that?? It's time to bring friend, relative, neighbor, etc. with you when you come to SheSkis...preferably someone who's never been to SheSkis before, or perhaps has not been skiing at Timber Ridge!
Plan to bring a snack and/or beverage to share and ski from 6-7:00 and then come back to the Lodge for our treats that everyone brought!! Social time from 7-8:00 - get to meet some new folks and enjoy talking skiing!!
Looking forward to seeing each of you there with somebody new!!


Special Night for 2/13


Two Hoorays!! It's time for SheSkis Fun-Filled Relays!! 
Yes, that's right! Our Annual Relay Night is so much fun and will happen this Wednesday, 2/13 at 6:00 at Timber Ridge. Be sure to plan on some sort of silly costume/hat/etc. that you can ski in, a cowbell if you have one and bring a snack and/or beverage to share after/during/before the "Awards Ceremony". There will be prizes!!
We'll divide you into teams that have to include both classic and skate skiers; each skier skis one loop of TR and then cheers for everyone else. There is NO PRESSURE to win...it's meant to be just plain fun with lots of laughs with each other as we share a "competitive" event. Of course, we try to be out in front, but no worries if that doesn't happen - everyone just can't be there at the same time, anyway!! You'll pick a captain and create a name for your team with your teammates....use your imagination....."The Slippery Sliders", "Ladies of Laughter" .....you get the idea!
Watch for an email Wed PM should weather be a problem; otherwise, we look forward to seeing you ready to go out at 6:00!!!





A Great Plan for Wed., 2/6!


Hello SheSkiers....you won't want to miss THIS week!!
Our session with Amy Powell that was originally scheduled for last week, will be happening tomorrow, Wed., 2/6 @ 6:00 pm at Timber Ridge! An addition will be Curt Peterson serving as informal instructor for Classic Skiers while Amy skis with the skaters. Curt graciously accepted our invitation since there were so many of you wanting these informal instructions; this way we are able to accommodate both disciplines!  
Please bring a snack and/or beverage to share during the Q/A session with Amy and Curt concerning beginning to get into racing, racing techniques, improving your time, etc., questions you want to have answered by experienced skiers!! This session will follow immediately after skiing; please plan to be back in the Lodge by 7:00 to allow time to take care of your equipment and get your plate (and glass) full!
It's fine to come to just the Q/A portion if you prefer not to ski, or can't get to TR in time to do so!
Hope to see you at TR tomorrow at 6:00, 7:00, or even better - BOTH!  Linda




Dear SheSkis Friends....for safety's sake, there will be no SheSkis tonight, 1/30...Amy has agreed to share with us NEXT week!!
The blowing snow really is beautiful to see in spite of everything else!
See you soon, Linda



PLANS for Wed., 1/30 at Timber Ridge

6:00-7:00; 7:00-8:00; OR 6:00-8:00 pm

Notice the PLURAL  in "PlanS" for Wed. night fun!!  Weather predicts very cold temps on Wed, but of course, it is winter in Northern Michigan and we can dress for it, right?? Yet, we do know that some of you don't care for the extremes and others have physical limitations that keep you where it's warmer.
As a result, here's the deal.....Amy Powell, XC Skier Supreme will be with us from 6-8:00, skiing with those who choose to do so for informal pointers for skill improvement - we'll decide which discipline later....really not enough time to do both, so let me know which you prefer - from 6-7:00 Then, from 7-8:00, we'll be in the Lodge for snacks and Q/A with Amy on preparing for your first race, or getting better at racing if you're more experienced! Vasa is coming up as is White Pine Stampede, so you have several chances to "put your ski tips on the line"! As a former championship racer herself, Amy has much to share from her  own personal experiences. You won't want to miss this informative, delicious and fun session!
Please bring a snack and/or beverage to share (Barb W. has a new corkscrew for us!) and feel free to do either or both of the activities planned....hoping to see you at Timber Ridge at either 6:00, or closer to 7:00pm on Wed., 1/30....Questions? 231-409-5683.....Linda


SheSkis with Winter Fun Nght at Traverse Heights

Wed., 1/23 - 5:30-7:00 pm


Hello All SheSkiers!!!
This week finds us away from Timber Ridge and sharing the fun of XC skiing with our commnity!
Traverse Heights Winter Fun Night
Wednesday Jan 23, 5:30-7pm
933 Rose St, Traverse City
This open house type of event will offer a variety of winter activities to students and their families. SheSkis will help with xc skiing out in the field, so please be there at 5:30 ready to assist!  We will use the Nordic Rocks skies and help kids put them on/off and offer pointers and help. Snowshoeing, curling and pizza will also be available for families. Dress extra warmly, wear VASA swag if  you have any and sport your pink armband to identify you as helping with the xc skiing. When you arrive,check in with Linda in the gym to get your arm band (remember to return it!). Theresa Hickman will most likely be in the gym or outside to get us organized. Remember- you do not need experience w/ Nordic Rocks, or instructing, just a smile and energy to encourage a great group of kids in a new activity!!
Theresa has some tips: wear lightweight gloves under your ski mitts/gloves so you have some covering for your hands as you help with buckles, etc. Also, bring an old car/house key to assist with the buckles and bindings - they stick!
Of course, bring your skis and equipment to ski with the kids and their families....if you have classic, bring that, but skate is aok, too! The important thing is that YOU ARE THERE!!!
Questions? 231-409-5683
See you there! Linda



Safety on the Trail - Wed., 1/16


Hopefully this great snow will stick around for us to get out there at Timber Ridge on Wed., 1/16!
We've planned to ski first from 6-7:00, wherever you choose and with whomever you choose. At 7:00, please be back in the Lodge to hear Steve Westphal, one of the TART Groomers, give us pointers on winter trail safety, clearly an important aspect of xc skiing enjoyment! 
Instead of a snack each week, let's make this one simple and do a "Bring your own beverage" to enjoy as Steve does his presentation. If you want a munchie to go along with that, feel free!
Next week will find us at Traverse Heights Elementary from 5:30-7:00 pm helping and skiing through the woods on the school grounds with their participants (children and their parents) at "Winterfest"....possibly ice skating and cocoa also! Details to follow.....a Second Option is in the planning stages with a special clinic at Timber Ridge for advanced skiers with Andy Liebner...again, details to follow!



Lesson Night - Con't

Wed., 1/9

Be sure to bring all your equipment, headlamp if you have one, water bottle and a fingerfood snack and/or beverage to share after our lessons.
Please be ready to get out on the snow right at 6:00 so we can full advantage of the hour we have with our instructors! Then, at 7:00 plan to come on into the Lodge for our snacks and drinks!
Here's a message from one of our members......
Judy Childs is looking for used classic skis:
5'6" 145 lbs Show Size - 41



Lesson Night

Wed., Jan.9


Hello SheSkiers!!
If we could ever get Mother Nature to cooperate with our plans to ski, that would be GREAT!! However, it's an iffy thing for Wednesday Night Lessons.....We will make a final decision Wednesday AM and I will send a following email then - as early as possible...for now, plan on Lesson Night for 1/9 from 6-7:00 pm at Timber Ridge. Remember your equipment, water bottle and a fingerfood snack and/or beverage to share afterwards. If you have a headlamp, bring that, too, but it isn't a necessity.
I do hope to see you on Wednesday! Do your snow dances!! Linda





Midwest Nordic Rendezvous

Special SheSkis Session


Happy New Year SheSkis!!!
At last some snow is falling and Emily Lovett is planning on meeting with us around the fireplace at Timber Ridge on Friday night, Jan. 4th @6:15-8:15. We will be doing a dry land session with her so bring your questions about anything connected to XC skiing and she will answer them for us! Also, bring a fingerfood snack and/or beverage to share!
Last year's session was ever so helpful and we all learned (and remembered at least for the evening),  how to do V1, V2 and V2 Alternate (Open Field), among a ton of other topics, with Emily's guidance and great teaching technique. This year promises no less!! So please make plans to attend!
The remainder of the MWNF schedule is on the VSC website; you need to preregister as space is limited.
Our next regular SheSki session is scheduled for the following Wed., Jan. 9th at TR @ 6:00 for our lesson night - both classic and skate!! If you need/want to rent equipment, please take care of that part well ahead of our time together.....this will also be a bring a fingerfood snack and/or beverage to share night, since we'll have our guests from VSC as our instructors that evening....bring a friend, or relative, too to share in the fun of XCSkiing.
FYI ...registration for WeSki has been extended to 1/9 - registration forms are available for download on vasaskiclub.org - click on the WeSki tab - print/copy one form for each skier and get the forms and fees in to TR no later than 1/9!
See  you THIS FRIDAY, Jan.4th for an informative, casual Q/A with Emily!



Snow, Snow, Snow - 12/12


Please do you favorite snow dance, song or whatever you can to assist Mother Nature with her snow machine!!!
In the meantime, plan on a great session of Pilates with Marcia Talicska on Wed., Dec. 12 @6:00 pm at Timber Ridge! Bring your yoga mat, or something to cushion yourself while you're on the floor, and water bottle!
Thanks to Connie Zoutendyk and Cyndi Holiday for organizing the Clothing Exchange last week and to those of you who not only brought items to be sold, but also purchased. It was a fun evening and we raised $170 in the process!!
We've been asked by Vasa Ski Club to assist with a Ski/Snowshoe Winter Fest at Traverse Heights Elementary on Wed., Jan 24 starting at about 5:30 pm at the school. We would be helping the boys and girls getting on their skis and skiing. It's Nordic Rocs in action!! There will be food, etc. and hopefully a bonfire. This is a different activity for us that would probably be a lot of fun and there is no pressure from the club to actually do this, but let me know what you think...we'll decide as a group on Wed at Pilates.
Anyone interested in helping with WeSki - either inside with food, or outside with the classes needs to contact me for inside, or Marcia Talicska for outside......it's lots of fun and we need your help!! Dates are: 1/20, 1/27 and 2/3 - Sunday PM's from 3-5:00 @ TR.
If you haven't already done so, remember to mark your calendars for the Midwest Nordic Festival coming up 1/4 - especially for SheSkis - and continuing on for the entire weekend!!! Check on VSC web site for details.
Also, speaking of MNF, we will not meet again after this Wed. until Fri., 1/4 with Emily Lovett.



Updates for 12/5 and beyond


What a great time we had last week with a special shout out to Marilyn and Paula for sharing their expertise and to Schulz's for sharing their lovely home!
Lots to cover:
1) Clothing Exchange:  Our only "Fund Raiser" of the year! Bring your gently used articles of clothing, jewelry, shoes, boots, books, scarves, purses, etc. to TR on 12/5 - this coming Wed..to be sold at modest prices with the $$ going to SheSkis!  Connie Zoutendyk and Cyndi Holiday will put prices on everything that you donate. HOWEVER, if you have a "Big Ticket" item (ex. I sold my mountain bike last year) the seller keeps all their selling price but for a % that goes back to SheSkis - it will be either 10 or 20%. Please contact me if you have something special you want to sell (ex. handmade jewelry, accessories, etc.). Please bring your things to the Banquet Hall at TR between 5:15 and 6:00 with shopping beginning at 6:00!

2) Ella will be with us in the LODGE on Wed. selling TR Season Passes, that we each need to have in order to use the trail system - you save $20 off the regular pricing!! This is a one shot deal, so plan to purchase your pass Wed., if you didn't do it earlier; otherwise, you'll have to pay full price for your pass. SheSki Early Bird Pricing: $89 single and $129 family

3) Midwest Nordic Rendezvous is coming up 1/4-1/6 with many opportunities for volunteering and participating! Fri., 1/4 6:15-8:15 @ TR is just for us with Emily Lovett, who worked with us for dry land training and Q/A time last year! On Sat., there are two clinics for women only with Emily at 12:15 for Classic and 1:15 for Skating....these LOTS more and we'll talk about it Wed, plus info will be available on line.

4) Volunteers are needed for WeSki, Nordic Rocs and Nordic Flyers Programs - these are VSC sponsored instructional opportunities and are GREAT FUN!!!

5) Some of you wondered about using the VSC waxing room at TR - anyone who has a TR pass may use it...remember to turn on the electricity via the switch box on your left as you enter and to turn it OFF as you leave...this runs the waxing irons.

6) Of very special note is that Terri Hanson has begun a brand new business providing physical exercise (not therapy) to those persons who are homebound for some reason and are not able to get themselves to a gym to work with a personal trainer.....this is a wonderful service that she is offering to our community.....please contact her at 360-1566. She will have a "table" on Wed., so you can speak directly with her....what an outstanding gift for someone who is hard to buy for!!

7) VSC Season Opener is Sun., 12/2 @ 5:00 at The Filling Station....free pizza and one free beverage ticket are yours for attending!

See you Wed. and bring your stuff and $$ to buy somebody else's!!


Plans for Wed., 11/28

Hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that you're working out on your own in preparation for ski season!
Remember that we meet at MarilynSchulz's home this week, 11/28 - 4422 Audubon @ 6:00 for a great waxing clinic. She will cover skate ski prep and Paula Dreeszen will do classic, which will include how to take care of your new Skin Skis that you just bought!
Please bring a finger food snack and/or a beverage to share. Directions from Holiday Hills Rd: left on Greenwood (2nd street on left); follow up and around to Audubon and turn left onto Audubon to find Marilyn's on the right - 4422 Audubon....watch the hills if it is icy at all; they can be VERY slippery!! She will have a Christmas tree out front with red lights aglow. Thank you, Marilyn, for hosting us, once again!
We'll talk at Marilyn's about the Nordic Festival and how you can help with the up coming youth ski programs!
Reminder that the Season Kick Off Party for Vasa Ski Club is coming up this Sun., 12/2 @ The Filling Station  @ 5:00 pm.....one slice of pizza and one beverage FREE!!!




Waxing Clinic


No SheSkis 11/21

LOTS to share this week!
1) We will NOT meet 11/21 due to everyone's varyingThanksgiving plans
2) We WILL meet 11/28 at Marilyn Schulz' home  for a clinic on waxing - both skate and classic, including "Skins"! Please bring a finger food snack and/or beverage to share and meet at Marilyn's @ 6:00. Directions: From Holiday Hills Rd., go north (left) on Greenwood, which is 2nd street  on the left going up the hill.....go to Audubon and turn left to 4422 Audubon...Marilyn will have some red twinkle lights out in front and come on in via the garage!
3) Purchase TART/VASA Grooming Badges online @ traversetrails.org
4) Purchase Timber Ridge Trail Passes at SheSkis ONLY on 12/5 (Clothing Exchange Night):
            $89 Single and $129 Family     You save $20 either way!
Ella will be at SheSkis on this night ONLY to sell the season passes, so do not miss this one last chance to purchase your pass and save $$$
5) UP COMING SOON!! Midwest Nordic Rendezvous Jan 4-6...full details at vasaskiclub.org, but Emily Lovett, the guest instructor will be doing a special dry land clinic for SheSkis on Friday, Jan. 4 6:15-8:15....here's your chance to have all your XC Skiing questions answered, so be think about topics for her to cover...Please bring a fingerfood snack and/or beverage to share and come prepared to make a donation to help cover her expenses. We had a fabulous session last winter and are excited she's returning to us to share her expertise! Then, on Saturday, Jan. 5 there will be two clinics for women only - one for classic at 12:15 and one for skate at 1:15 - they cost $25 each. There's plenty more, so go to VSC web site to get the full scoop!
6) MORE UP COMING!! WeSki is BACK!!! Program starts on Sunday, Jan.20 for three consecutive Sunday PM's 3-5:00....details to follow.....group lessons, fun and food for all ages and abilities!!! Instructors, food prep/servers and clean up persons are needed, so let me know if you can pitch in!
7) Paula's maps are coming soon! We JUST found out about a new trail map for the Vasa System that TART has put out, so Paula wants to make certain the maps coincide.....thank you, Paula, for you diligence!!!
8) Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
Better print this email for your reference later on!! Linda





11/14  5:00-7:00 PM


Yes, it's time for our shopping spree and equipment update at Brick Wheels!!! 
It's THIS WEDNESDAY, 11/14 beginning at 5:00pm and ending at 7:00pm! Please note the special time change!! Bring your Cash, Checks and or Credit Cards with you since all ski related items are 20% off for this night only, just for SheSkis......Also, bring a snack and/or beverage to share.
There will be shopping, snacking, sipping and seeing the latest and greatest in equipment and attire for this season for both skate and classic skiing! Looking forward to seeing you there!



WHERE ARE WE???? 11/7

Yes! Where are we out on the Vasa Trail and near by?? Paula Dreeszen has developed a series of great maps and loops for us with all the lingo everyone uses for locations that some of us just don't know about - like, The Spur. Now, thanks to Paula, we will have a much better idea!!
Please gather in the Banquet Hall on Wed., 11/7, ready to go outside, if possible, @ 6:00 pm. Headlamps are advisable and bring your walking poles as we will try to do Madeline's Loop that evening in addition to going over all the other loops. Madeline's is about 3km, or less, so less than 2 miles  - under an hour. Dress according to the weather; we'll be outside unless it's raining/snowing/sleeting. If weather does keep us inside, Paula will do a great job of going over the maps (everyone will get their own set) and explaining the loops with the appropriateness of each one for different distances/time and skill levels.
Looking forward to seeing each of you there!! Questions? Call/txt 231-409-5683.



NO SheSkis tonight - Oct. 31 due to Halloween! 

See you NEXT Wed., 11/7 at Timber Ridge @ 6:00 - plan on bringing a headlamp!





What are we doing Wed., 10/24?


Our annual Treat From The Superior Physical Therapy folks on how to prevent injuries in xc skiing and prepare our bodies for getting on the snow is coming to THE YURT at Timber Ridge....if possible, we will meet in the main parking lot, but with low temps in the forecast, that is doubtful!
Please plan to park behind the Banquet Hall at Timber Ridge a bit before 6:00 pm (or you can park where you usually do and walk over) and find the Yurt over by the bridge. Bring your water bottle; wear clothes you can move in, but suitable for the weather and wear your running/tennis shoes!
Keith Brandli will share his professional expertise with us with a great session and work out!
See you there!




                                       Plans for Wed., 10/17/18


Hello All...It SNOWED today!!! Time to get ready for great fun ahead!
Jen Brown, who began training for XC Ski racing with SheSkis several years ago, is being welcomed back to us by leading a great work out session with Hill Bounding @ 6:00 @ Timber Ridge.
Please bring your water bottle and if you don't have a waist holder for it, you can set it at the top of whatever hill you're working at. Be sure to dress in layers for the weather, wearing running shoes.We'll divide into as many groups as we need to based on training/experience levels.
A note about last week....it was pure magic in the yurt in the rain....thank you, Carrie!
See you Wed. night at TR!!!   Linda






Hey Ladies!!                  Plans for Wed., 10/10/18


SheSkis is starting this week!!!! Regardless of the weather, plan to be at Timber Ridge ready to go @ 6:00pm.....if raining, we'll do yoga in the Banquet Hall....if not, we'll be outside with Nordic Walking!! 

What to bring:

Yoga - mat, water bottle, layered clothes you can MOVE in

Nordic Walking - short ski poles (walking poles if you have them), clothes appropriate for the weather in layers and your water bottle, running shoes


Soooo looking forward to seeing each of you once again!!




No, we're not starting up SheBikes again this year, but wanted to get this message to all of you for SheSkis!! YES....it is that time of year for "Dry Land Training" that will take us into ski season - "Dirt to Snow" as the saying goes!
The good folks at Timber Ridge have said it just wouldn't be winter without us on Wednesday evenings, so....our first meeting will be Wed., Sept. 26 @ 6:00-7:00 pm to plan out what activities we want to do for the season, which will be starting on Wed., Oct. 10 (that gets everyone through Remembrance Run).
Please bring a fingerfood snack and/or beverage to share and of course, your list of ideas about what you want to do!
Looking forward to seeing you there; it will be good to be together once again....Linda
Questions??? Feel free to call me at 231-409-5683







Here's the News Flash Melinda Mitchell was kind enough to put together for us....

The two all-women Vasa Ski Club teams at the Michigan Cup Relays Sunday, March 11 both won GOLD!  Four other Vasa women made a strong showing on co-ed teams.  A special shout out to first-time relay racers Kelly Guswiler, Katie Armstrong, Amelia Hasenohrl and Bridget Thuente who joined relay veterans Jen Brown, Gussie Peterson, Melinda Mitchell, Marnie Sutter, Paula Dreeszen and Deb Westphal.  The Thuentes brought the whole family to race:  Bridget, husband Dan, and sons Joe, Nick, and James!  
Vasa Ski Club won the relays (we brought 12 teams!) and, most importantly, the Michigan Cup!
It was a super-fun race followed by a great party.  Make plans to join in the fun next year!

Here's the Humble Thank you.....to each of you who shared this crazy season together! I may send the emails, but each of you makes SheSkis happen!
Your generous gift is so appreciated, but ever so unnecessary! Being together and sharing great times is thanks enough for me from each of you....however, I plan to purchase something really special for our new home so that every time I see/use that special-yet-to-be decided thing, I will be reminded of our good times.

I plan to have a kayaking/biking gathering out here when the weather permits (I sure wanted to get us skiing on the lake for an evening, but that never worked out with the changing weather/ice conditions), so stay tuned for updates on that.

Also, SheBikes will be starting with an organizational meeting at Garfield McLain's on MONDAY, May 7 with our first ride on the 14th from TCCHS Parking Lot.....details to follow, or, course, as the date gets closer. Cruiser Rides will again be offered through the Cycling Club, so watch the CCCC Ride Calendar for those dates, times and details.
Hope to see each of you soon on our bikes!!
Thank you once again for the gift and for the many great times together.....Linda



SheSkis "Graduates" at Red Mesa....


What a short ski season, but our party won't be impacted by that!!
Red Mesa is ready for us in their side room once again. The date is: Wed.,Mar.7th @ 6:00 pm. We'll order from the regular menu and have separate checks to make ordering and tipping easier for everyone.
One thing - I do need to let them know how many to plan for so they can assign staff for us. PLEASE RSVP no later than Monday, 3/5!
It really doesn't matter if you joined us several times, or not at all this season, please plan to come to the party anyway, if only for a beverage, to celebrate the season together.
Before I close, please read this important message for you from Gussie so we can squeeze in just a bit more skiing.....I do hope we can do not only one, but several SheSkis teams! It's coming up Sunday,March 11!!
Michigan Cup Relay - Teams Now Forming!
The MI Cup Relay is the final event in the MI Cup race series, and is a big factor in each MI Cup team’s final points.  If you are a member of the Vasa Ski Club, you are encouraged to participate!  We are close to securing the MI Cup for another year in TC, and you can contribute to the victory.  This is a FUN, 
festive event at Cross Country Ski Headquarters near Higgins Lake in which 3-person teams compete on a 5K course. Teams can be co-ed, women’s or men’s, and one leg must be classic skiing. Timing is for the team as a whole so there are no individual times given. The best part is the exciting party afterwards, where final awards are given. Worried about snow?  The venue has stockpiled tons of snow that will be spread on the course just for this race. If you’re interested, contact Melinda Mitchell at melindajam@aol.com. She will put you on a team, or you can form your own team.  How about having a SheSkis team?  Wouldn’t that be cool?  Hope to see you there!
See you at Red Mesa!!!   Linda




SheSkis immediate and long range plans.....


Long range forecast doesn't look promising for XC Skiing...other sports, yes, but not XC! It looks like we'll have to shift equipment earlier than we planned on!

This Wed., 2/28 we'll gather at 6:00 pm in the Banquet Hall at Timber Ridge for a yoga session with Carrie Baic, followed at 7:00 by a short 1/2 hr. session with Marcia Talicska on foam roller use. Soooo, bring your mat, foam roller, if you have one and dress so you can move, but stay warm. If you don't have a roller, plan to stay anyway; those of us who have one or two probably would share. At any rate, you would find out more about the benefits of their use. Marcia will also be taking orders for them - $19.95 plus tax and shipping, depending on how many we order.....bring your check book!!!
The following Wed., March 7th, let's plan to meet at Red Mesa for our annual end of the season party! I'll make our reservations for 6:00 pm, but YOU need to let me know if you will be there!! We'll order from the menu, with separate checks to make it a bit simpler for us..... It doesn't matter if you couldn't join us at all this season, or if you came every time! Please join us on the 7th for a great time together! Please RSVP via email by Sat., 3/3, so I can let Red Mesa know how many to plan for.

Remember to save the evening of March 12 for the special documentary - Saving Snow....details are on VSC website!

See you soon!


What are we gonna' do on Wed., 2/21???


Well, what can I say when it's pouring rain, other than we skied this am before it started.....
Marcia Talicska has graciously agreed to lead a Pilates session in the Banquet Hall at TR for us on Wed., 2/21 from 6-7:00 pm....it's not skiing, but it will be a great time together! Marcia asks that we bring a yoga mat, or something to put down on the floor. You may wear your shoes if you want, but if you just wear socks, make sure you have some that won't slip! Wear clothing that will stretch with you, but also keep you warm...that hall can be chilly..layers will be best!
I need to let you know also, that Carrie Baic offered to lead us in Yoga, but I had already made the Pilates arrangement with Marcia! Thank you both for being so willing to keep us going when we can't ski!




Valentine's Day Treat! Plans for 2/14!!


It's going to be a great night on Wed., 2/14 to bring your Sweetheart skiing!
Ski from 6:00-7:00 pm - or you may start earlier, if you like - plan to be back in the Lodge at 7:00 so we can share a beverage and snack, or two and be on our way home (or out for dinner) by 8:00.
Of course, you don't HAVE to bring your Sweetie; bring a friend, instead, or come by yourself, but do come and please bring a snack and/or beverage to share!
Hope to be sharing Valentine's Day with some of my most favorite people!
NOTICE: Kristi Collins needs trail help with the Kalkaska Winterfest for the dogsled races..please contact her on FB for details!!



February Fun....

Hey SheSkiers!!
The Fun Relays are happening this coming Wed., 2/7...just after White Pine and just before VASA!!
This idea is to wear something funny - a costume, hat, etc. that you can ski in and Gussie will assign teams after everyone gets to TR....we always have such a great time with this and it really does give everyone a little bit of a racing experience, too! Teams depend on who shows up to ski, but we do balance them out with experience levels and skate/classic, so they are as fair as possible to provide the most fun as possible...we also choose names for our teams, so put your creative thinking caps on and be ready with your suggestion to your team...ex. Super Mamas, Wonder Warriors, Speedy Chicks....you get the idea!
Hope to see you on the 7th and be sure to ask your Sweetheart to come ski with you (us) on the following week, Valentine's Day, 2/14!



Here's the scoop for 1/31!!!


This Wednesday's plans have always resulted in a special night for SheSkis as we each invite a friend, neighbor, relative, etc. to join us for an evening of great fun, food and comradarie at Timber Ridge's Community Night....TR furnishes wine and chocolate while we bring a fingerfood snack to share after skiing from 6-7:00 pm. Trail Passes are required for guests. Contact TR for the rate.
We WILL be able to ski if we get enough snow so the icy trails can be groomed....BUT we have another activity from which to choose in case skiing isn't realistic.....Marcia Talicska will lead those of us who'd rather not ski in a low impact high intensity interval training session that will be done at your own pace, so don't let the "high intensity" part freak you out! It will be in the Banquet Hal.
Then, at 7:00, we'll gather in the Lodge for the treats!!
Several announcements:
1) Indoor help is needed for the last session of WeSki that had to be postponed to THIS coming Sunday, 2/4 - Set Up/Check In, Food Service Set Up, Serving and Clean up are all parts of this essential volunteer opportunity. We need about 4 people due to the date change. Please contact me!
2) All kinds of help are needed for Vasa Weekend! Contact Kristin Rylands: kristining05@gmail.com
3) Two Somebodies left their head lamps at TR last week....See Amelia Hansenohrl  THIS Wed. to get yours....

Hope to see you on Wed at TR for Community Night!


What are we doing this week, 1/17????

Hello All...
For day after tomorrow, 1/17, plan to ski FIRST, as usual and then be in the Lodge by 7:00 when our special guest, Joelle Beaudoin, Certified Althletic Trainer, will provide us with insights into nutrition for endurance sports, when and what to to fuel before, during, and after exercise/events, hydration and have a Q/A session to ensure your questions are answered!
This promises to be an informative and needed session, so make your plans to attend - it's no fun at all to run out of fuel when you're out by the Rock and still have to get back to your car at Timber -  Joelle will tell us how to avoid that situation as part of her session ....remember, we're back to our usual format - ski first, informative session after....to be on our way home before 8:00.
Let's not worry about snacks this week so we can focus more on what Joelle will be sharing with us!
See you at TR at 6:00 for skiing and 7:00 for Joelle on Wed., 1/17.....Linda



PLANS FOR 1/10!!!


What a night we had with Emiy Lovett as the kick off for the Nordic Festival!
AND what a night we will have on Jan.10 with skiing on your own, or with your own group from 6:00 -7:00 and then a great presentation by the Groomers in the Lodge!
Everyone will now know where/how to find the spots we always talk about, but sometimes wonder where they are!! Everyone will know about the Kilometer markers and the safety of allof us regarding their placement and Everyone will receive two maps of the whole Vasa area! Who better to tell us where things are than those who are out there on analmost daily basis?
Please bring a snack and/or beverage to share knowing that there will be a veggie tray and maybe even some soup!  Sooo...please plan to be back in the Lodge by 7:00 so we can nibble and listen as the Groomers take us around the Vasa Trail System in about 30-45 minutes!! Should be all cleaned up and on our way home by 8:00!
Watch for Gussie Peterson (I will not be able to be there) to sign in as you arrive and get your arm band on (please remember to return them before you leave each week since we need to use the bands for WeSki, too!)




Happy New Year,  Everyone!

This coming Friday night, Jan. 5, we have a very special event planned for SheSkis women and any other women from ourNordic commnity who can join us (invite your friends and neighbors). It's a unique XC ski instructional clinic/conversation with Emily Lovett, who is coming as the main instructor for the whole Nordic Rendezvoux weekend, at Timber Ridge starting at 6:00 pm until 7:30 PM - exact location will be posted at TR.
Please bring a finger food snack and/or beverage to share and be prepared for an evening of great up close and personal with one of the finest skiers in the US! Emily will answer questions you have regarding technique, training, race preparation -  actually, any XC ski related questions that you've been wondering about. 
We will be taking a free will donations to help cover her expenses for this additional session.
Please RSVP to this chance of a life time invitation via email reply to me , not all!
Here's more about Emily:
Join us for the second annual Midwest Nordic Rendezvous with our guest instructor Emily Lovett from Steamboat Springs, Colorado! Her roots come from Michigan where some of her best childhood memories are on cross country ski outings with her family.  She attended Kalamazoo College & eventually moved to Steamboat in 1995. She soon found her passion & joined the PSIA Rocky Mountain Division & USSA in 1996.  Emily coached the Steamboat Springs high school cross-country ski team for 8 years. She currently hosts and coaches instructor groups, master’s groups, women’s fitness groups, and co-organizes and instructs at the West Yellowstone Ski Festival Camp and the Steamboat Springs Nordic Camp. She recently became the Nordic Specialist for the PSIA National Team. Join us for our weekend clinics and social get-together! 
For more information about how to participate in other Nordic Rendezvous event, please go to vasaskiclub.org
Hope to hear from YOU soon and see you on Friday night - as well as on Jan. 10 for our ski time followed by an informational session on wayfinding on the the Vasa Trail/System - maps will be provided!

SheSkis on 12/20!!

Greetings All!
Yes, it's here (almost)! Lesson Night will happen on Wed., 12/20 with numerous volunteer instructors, lined up by Gussie Peterson, serving as coaches in classic and skate for all skill levels!!
Be ready to go out on the snow right at 6:00 so we can use the full hour for instruction.
For those who need to rent equipment, please make those arrangements in advance at either Timber Ridge or Brick Wheels.
If you paid for a Season Pass for TR, they are ready to be picked up at the Desk. For those who don't have one, you'll need to purchase the pass, or pay the daily rate, but we all need a TR pass  -  we are using their trail system!
A very special shout out THANK YOU to those of you who volunteered at IceMan for SheSkis!!! Your volunteer hours brought in a significant amount of income ($374.52) to our account and will go a long ways towards getting us through the season!!
Please remember that we will not meet during the Hoiliday Break...we will gather again on Jan. 10.
If you can't make it Wednesday, I wish you via email a very Happy Holiday! For everyone who does arrive, I will say so in person!!!
See you soon, Linda



Happy Day, SheSkiers!!  Gordon has rolled and will roll again this pm, 12/13 for us to ski tonight @6:00...nothing formal, just go have fun for an hour, but please be back in the Lodge by 7:00 so we can get home at a decent time. We have a "Rain Check" from Marcia on Pliates!
Ella has most of the passes ready for those of you who have purchased Sesonal Ones. You can pick them up tonight or anytime from TR.
Hope to see you tonight!  Linda
PS.....Reminder that "Lakes of the North" is coming up this coming Sat. - racers, you can race of course, BUT those who want to TOUR may do so as well and still earn points for VSC!!! Dea Danly and I are planning on doing that, so if you don't wish to race, come join us!! Check out the details at: 






The weather outside is delightful!!! Let's hope it keeps it up for Wed., 12/13!!!!

Our plans for SheSkis on Wed., Dec. 13 include two options, depending on the snow conditions at Timber Ridge on Tuesday. If there's enough snow and Gordon has had a chance to work with it, we will ski!!!
If conditions are such that we can't ski, we'll be in the Banquet Hall with Marcia Talicska for Pilates. Both options begin at 6:00pm at Timber Ridge, regardless...
I will send a second email on Tuesday to let you know what equipment to bring and clothes to wear!
Also, speaking of Marcia, she is in need of volunteer instructors/coaches for WeSki. There is a training clinic on Sat., Jan 6th, so don't be shy about not knowing what to do! Please contact her at:
WeSki begins on Sunday, Jan., 14 from 3-5:00 and goes for the following two weeks - Jan., 21 and 28 at Timber Ridge..it includes a snack before lessons and a light soup supper after! You don't have to commit to all three Sunday's either! Contact Marcia NOW!! We need YOUR help!!
Hope to see you one way or the other on Wed., Dec.13 - Check your email on Tuesday!!!






Hello All...
After a fun workout with Deb Ross last week, yu will have to train on your own b/c this week, we are gathering at Marilyn Schulz's home to have a waxing lesson. 
Marilyn will cover skate (glide waxing) and Paula Dreeszen will do the classic (kick waxing) session, so everyone benefots from their expertise and clear, concise explanations as they demonstrate the techniques involved. Even if someone else always waxes your skis for you, it is good to know what goes into it! Plus, you won't believe their waxing box!!!
Please bring a finger food snack and/or beverage to share at Marilyn's lovely home. Here's how to find it:
Marilyn Schulz
4422 Audubon Dr.
Take Holiday Rd. to second rd. on left, Greenwood and turn left onto Greenwood to Audubon - first rd. to left - you wll come to a Y in the rd. - take the RIGHT side continuing on Audubon 1/2down hill on right is 4422! OR use your GPS!
PLANNING AHEAD.... there is the distinct probablility that SheSkis women will be invited to a special evening with Emily Lovett as part of the Midwest Nordic Rendezvous....skiing with her and coming back inside for snacks and a special clinic for us with Emily. There would be a free will donation to help cover expenses. Things are in the planning stages as I write to you.
 At any rate, SAVE THE DATE - Fri., Jan.5 at 5:45 pm to be on skis by 6:00. 
Hope to see you at Marilyn's this coming Wednesday! Linda







PLANS FOR 11/29.....


I hope you're stuffed with turkey and good times to be thankful for!
We have a great evening planned for this coming Wednesday, 11/29 as Deb Ross, Laurie Coulter's mom, joins us to a SheSkis training session! Be sure to wear clothes to move in and your exercise shoes, bring your water bottle and mat, just in case. We'll start right at 6:00 pm in the Banquet Hall at Timber Ridge. Deb is a personal trainer herself, so this will be a super session.
Remember there's always Hill Bounding at Holiday Hills, or you can do that on your own wherever there is a hill!
See you on the 29th!   Linda 
PS.... if you picked up a black corkscrew at Brick's Bonanza, please return it to me on the 29th!

What are we doing on Deer Day??

Hello All...
It's Brick's Bonanza Night!!!A little different time frame so don't miss out on the fun and sale by coming too late!
It will begin at 5:00 and run until 7:00 pm....there will be 20% off hard and soft winter related items (not bikes, but yes on skis, poles, bindings, boots!). This includes waxes, clothes, sox, etc. Please bring a snack/beverage to share as we hear about the latest in equipment and clothes for skiing.....I hear Fischer has a new binding system.....and go shopping! They will cover both skate and classic.
Guiding Ms Melinda Sign up sheet will be out so you can sign up to ski with her a night or two!
Timber Ridge Season Trail passes will be on sale, too - please see me to buy them....$119/family and $79/individual....cash, check, or credit card (I won't have their reader, but will get you CC#to Ella....she will let me know when the passes are ready and I will let you know! Please remember, we each need a TR pass, whether it's seasonal, or daily, but seasonal is the best buy!
Update from last week....we began this season with $106.83 in our "bank" and received $55.00 in donations making a total of $161.83...THEN, thanks to Connie Zoutendyk for organizing the Clothing Exchange, we brought in $287.00 (the most EVER), making $448.83. We owed $141 for posters and gift cards; so after reimbursement for that, we have a grand total of $307.83 to go on for the season!!! Of course, donations are always welcomed to cover treats and gifts for presenters - remember the Polar Bear/Snowman Jar!!!
See you at 5:00 at Brick Wheels!  Linda





Hello All....good thing we went to church this am as two SheSkiers asked me when would Timber Ridge season passes go on sale at our reduced rate.....please remember that all SheSkiers need to have a Timber Ridge pass in order to use their trail system....the season pass is a good way to do this, depending on how much you think you'll be sking out of there...otherwise, you can purchase a daily pass.
The answer is: this coming Wed., 11/8 and the following Wed., 11/15 when we meet at Brick Wheels.
Pricing is at special SheSkis rates and is available for only these two dates:  $119/family and $79/individual
Another great reason to bring your check books, in addition to the clothing exchange! If you have to use a credit card, we will write your CC# on your receipt and Ella will process it when she arrives at TR. 
See you all on Wed!  Linda




Plans for Wed., Nov., 8:

Here is the link for Andrew's session with us last week for those of you who either couldn't attend, or don't quite remember all the moves!
Our plan for this coming Wedndesday has two parts, both of which will be extra special!
1) From 6:00 to 6:30 pm in the Banquet Hall at Timber Ridge, Carrie Baic will lead us in a gentle yoga session. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing that you can move in. Bring a yoga mat if you have one, or at least something padded, or cushioned that you can put on the floor to work on and of course, the ever present water bottle!
2) Then, we'll move over to the tables where the Clothing Exchange will take place!! Please bring gently used, clean items you no longer use for whatever reason and your $$ to purchase items you want! It would be best to bring  small bills and/or your checkbook, so we don't break our "bank"!  We will not be able to accept any credit cards.  
We will have a separate table/area for large/more expensive items where you can name your own price and share the take with SheSkis as you see fit - like 50/50, 40/60, whatever you are comfortable with. I plan to bring two bikes: Ruby Apex road bike(ridden one season)and Rockhopper mtn bike (ridden two seasons) - love them both, but can no longer ride them and want my SheSkis/Bikes friends to have first crack at their adoption.
Keep in mind this is our only fund raiser to cover our expenses for the year (ex. service ware, gift cards, prizes).
This evening promises to be a fun-filled session, so make your plans to attend! 
The following week, we will be at Brick Wheels to see the latest and greatest in equipment and ski clothing, share finger food snacks, and/or beverages that each of us will  bring and shop at special prices in the store itself! Details on that to follow.....
See you soon! Linda


Plans for Wed., Nov.1:


Meet Gussie Peterson and Sara Cockrell in the Lodge at Timber Ridge to be ready to get outside, regardless of the weather (dress appropriately), at 6:00 pm for a great ACTIVE dry land training session with Hill Bounding and Nordic Walking. Bring your shortest ski poles, or regular Nordic Walking poles, if you have them and your water bottle. No poles?? No problem! Goodwill has plenty at low prices!

Be sure you wear supportive footgear, too! Check your email for further details!


Info for Wed. Oct. 25: 


Andrew Gorecki, Superior Physical Therapy, will have us all injury free for the season, we hope on th 25th. He may be bringing several of his associates with him. Please wear appropriate athletic attire for either in, or outdoor ACTIVE session. Depending on the weather, we will be in the Banquet Hall, or outdoors behind it. Remember to bring your water bottle!

This session is a functional training one; you will leave with many new tips and ideas on how best to prepare yourself for the coming season!

See you at TR @ 6:00 pm ready to go!




SheSkis  is coming back this season!!

SheSkis is a weekly program for women skiers of all ages and abilities. There is no cost to participate, although donations to help cover costs are graciously accepted! You are also required to obtain your own ski trail pass from Timber Ridge for each session on snow, or you can get a season pass. The 1st session on October 18, 6:00 PM at Timber Ridge Resort is to plan the season. SheSkis will then continue on Wednesday evenings, same time and place (unless otherwise specified), throughout the winter season. As the program moves from “dirt to snow,” there will be several lesson nights offering both skate and classic instruction, as well as other programs to improve your fitness and skills.

Again, SheSkis will be held on Wednesdays, 6:00 – 8:00 starting October 18 at Timber Ridge.

Questions? Contact Linda Deneen at deneendaisy@charter.net


SheSkis - 3/8


Hello Everyone......as I look at the weather forecast for the next two days, I feel really blue since any organized SheSkis activity from Timber Ridge just isn't going to happen any more this season......it sure was a short one for us!!! Maybe NEXT year, we'll get to go twice as long to get in all the fun things we had planned.
For those of you who still want to ski on your own please feel free to start from Timber Ridge, the Single Track Parking Lot on Supply Rd. or the Vasa Trailhead. I wouldn't recommend that you go in to The Rock using Strombolis Rd. as it is deeply rutted right from the get go; getting stuck is highly likely!
I DO HIGHLY recommend that you RSVP to me ASAP ( at least no later than Sunday night, 3/5) whether or not you're going to join us on Wed., 3/8 at The Red Mesa @ 6:00 PM for our annual "Graduation Party" End of the Season Celebration. The folks at Red Mesa treat us really well by seating us in the side room; letting us order what we will from the regular menu and have individual checks!
Some of you have already let me know your plans for the 8th, so you don't need to repeat your RSVP!
Good Food +Good Folks = GOOD TIME! I hope to see each of you there next week......Linda



SheSkis - 2/22


Hello All....
With these warm temps and rain last night and even warmer temps predicted for tomorrow, we will not have a "formal" SheSkis" on Wed., 2/22.
For those  of you who wish to, you may still go to Timber Ridge, the Vasa Trail Head on Bartlett, or the Single Track Parking Lot and ski from any of those spots. We just won't have anything organized or anything planned in the Lodge and you're on your own.....that being said, please take your cell phone with you and preferably ski with at least one other person. Be sure to let someone know where you'll be skiing and about how long, too.
Things will be dicey for the following week, 3/1, weather-wise,  so stay tuned for that...
HOWEVER, please put Wed., Mar. 8th on your calendars for our annual get together at Red Mesa...details to follow, but they have taken really good care of us in the past - individual checks, order anything you want from the menu, etc. We'll probably gather at 6:00 PM for that, but I will let you know......




SheSkis - 2/15



Mother Nature has given us a beautiful sunshiny day, but it's not so good for the skiing, grooming, etc.!

The long range forecast calls for colder temps and snow for Wed., so let's do this to take the best advantage of the snow we do have...this week could be it...I hope NOT, but looking ahead to next week may bring us into the 50's!!


We'll have several options for a great evening regardless, rather than tying up a presenter....


As groups.....

1) Skiing skate or classic to Rock - about 14 K

2) Skiing skate or classic to Jack Pine - about 9 K

3) Skiing skate or classic around Special K - about 6K

4) Skiing skate or classic inside Timber Ridge - about as many K's as you want


OR don't ski and stay in the Lodge to enjoy each other's company.


Please plan to bring a snack and/or beverage to share since everyone seems to enjoy that a lot! Also, plan to back in the Lodge by 7:00 PM so all can be on their way home by 8:00.....


Sending out congratulations to those of you who either participated or volunteered over the weekend in Vasa's Festival of Races!!!! I know we were well represented!! SheSkiers ROCK!!!!


Hope to see you Wed., 2/15...should things deteriorate, I will send an additional email, otherwise, see you then!


Happy Valentine's Day to each of you!





SheSkis - 2/8


Hello all....
Happy SUN day today!!!
For Wed. night, weather permitting, we'll go on a destination ski and have beverages and snacks afterwards in the Lodge!
Your choice of destinations all leaving promptly from TR Lodge @6:00PM:
1) The Rock
2) Jack Pine - just to it, not through it!
3) Special K
4) As many loops around Timber Ridge as you can
Just plan to be back in the Lodge @ 7:00 pm with a snack and/or beverage to share.....service ware provided...
See you then...watch for an email around noon on Wed., should weather become an issue.




SheSkis - 2/1


Hello All....FINALLY we actually get to ski, so let's do that on Wed., 2/1 @ 6:00 PM at Timber Ridge!!


Afterwards, in the Lodge at 7:00, there is the possibility of chair massages tentatively arranged by Deb Johnson!
We'll have a cookie tray and IF we can get a couple of you to help, we can have a bowl of hot soup! Please let me know (231-409-5683) if you can assist by heating the soup at Timber Ridge before hand, serving and cleaning up (ie. washing the pots and pans, etc.) after......
This coming Sunday will be a busy day at Timber Ridge with the annual Women's Winter Tour starting at 10:00 and going until about 1:30/2:00......Please go to the web site......womenswintertour.com     for all the super details of the fun day and to register for it.....rates are higher on Sunday, so for a great time, register soon!  We could have a SheSkis contingent if someone will be point person to do that (ie. serve as a gathering spot and set up a time/place to meet you)...I would, but I do have a previous responsibility at my church that am that I must honor....so, again, let me know if you can serve in that capacity! Otherwise, just sign up and go have a blast!!
See you Wed with your skis!!!





SheSkis - 1/25



Once again, Mother Nature has decided that there just won't be snow by Wed. night for us.....Women's Community Night at Timber Ridge has been postponed.....keep your fingers crossed for NEXT week!


Looking ahead to Sunday, 1/29, WeSki needs some inside helpers from 2:30 until 5:30 to assist with that program...PLEASE let Linda Deneen know at 231-409-5683 if you can give a hand to this fun session for everyone involved and have some great soup, too!





SheSkis - 1/18


Mother Nature is not being too kind to the skiing community lately, but we will still meet in the Banquet Hall for "Carpet Skiing"!! Wear your tennis shoes, bring your  water bottle and dress in layers for active indoor activity! See you at Timber Ridge at 6:00 PM ready to go!!! No snacks tonight; we'll save that for a ski evening!!



SheSkis - 1/11 - Canceled



Once again, Mother Nature has dealt us a low blow.....no classic track at TimberRidge and poor driving conditions for the evening has forced yet another postponment...we'll have Lesson Night NEXT week, 1/18...see you then!











AT LONG LAST.....Plans for Wes., 12/21


Hello All SheSkiers!!

Yup, this is THE NIGHT...Lesson Night for all skill levels in both skate and classic - you do have to choose one, though!
Plan to be ready to go out at 6:00 pm @ Timber Ridge with your group and instructor and be back into the Lodge at 7:00 where we'll thank them with a toast and celebrate the season a bit! Please bring a finger food snack and/or beverage to share.....
Special Announcements: 
1) WeSki is in need of instructors...Please see Gussie on Wed. or contact Judy Vajda if you are able to help
2) Winter Trails Day is 1/7 @ TimberRidge 
3) Instructors'/Coaches' Clinic is Sun., Jan. 8 @ Timber Ridge - it's free, but you do have to register - See Gussie or Ella, or again contact Judy Vajda (judyvajda@charter.net)
4) Congratulations to SheSkis women who competed in the first Michigan Cup Race of the Season with many earning points for that coveted Michigan Cup!!
See you Wed night!!


Here we go for THIS week, Wed., 12/14...


I Hope your gear is all set to go! I spoke with Ella this PM; she said the base is good and we may even have set track by Wed.! Either way, we will be skiing!!!! Plan to be ready to get out on the snow by 6:00 pm @ Timber Ridge to take advantage of every moment!
This will be an "Open Ski Night", with no particular program set up...it will be wonderful to just get out there and ski. Those of you who are more experienced skiers, please offer to ski with someone who hasn't been on the snow as much as you have. NEXT week is Lesson Night, but we want everyone to have a great first time out on Wed. so take care of each other!
Whether you stay in the park, or go out on the Vasa Trail, please plan to be back in the Lodge by 7:00pm and please DO NOT GO OUT ALONE! It's more fun to go together anyway!! Remember to sign in before you head out, too.....
Wanted to let everyone know that we made $187.50 at the Clothing Exchange thanks to Connie Zoutendyk, and assistant, Cyndi Holiday for getting it organized for us. Special Thanks goes out to Peggy Wagner, Swix Clothing Rep and Carrie Baic, who sold her jewelry and hats! These snow angels donated back to SheSkis a % of their sales that evening. This income allows us to purchase our new business cards (thanks again, Marilyn Schulz and Alice Hauser) and to provide each "presenter" with a small gift card for sharing their expertise, but donations are always welcomed into the blue snowman jar to cover other costs that do come up - think snacks, beverages, etc!
Andrew Gorecki is offering several types of free clinics and assessments at Superior Physical Therapy - feet, back and shoulder issues are a few....contact the clinic for more information and to register for the sessions. If you're having problems, these clinics and assessments are highly recommended!
With an additional email, we have a plea for instructors for WeSki, so watch for that soon. 
Speaking of soon, I look forward to seeing and skiing with you on Wed., 12/14 and then for Lesson Night on the following Wed.,12/21!



Here's the latest and greatest for this week - Wed., 12/7/16! 


Laurie Coulter's mom, Deb Ross will  lead us through some Circuit Training since we still can't ski!! This will start @6:00 pm Wed., 12/7 @ Timber Ridge. You should wear appropriate clothing to be VERY active for about 1/2 hr and bring your yoga/exercise mat and water bottle......why so short???

We're going shopping on THE RED DIRT ROAD! This is really a project that helps women in Cambodia earn money. They use foot pedal sewing machines (no electricity in their village) to sew lovely silk shawls, scarves, clutches, purses and more. Marie Eckstein will tell us more, but bring our Holiday Shopping Lists and your $$, or checkbooks to purchase these items and help these women!

We'll also hear a bit about the World Bicycle Relief Program that provides transportation in African countries mainly for women and the saga of Julius Achon, Olympic athlete from Uganda.

There will be refreshments, but you are invited to bring a fingerfood snackand/or beverage to share.....see you there





For this coming Wed., 11/30, plan on working out on your own and bring your $$$, or checks to the Banquet Hall at Timber Ridge for our Annual Clothng Exchange (aka Fund Raiser for SheSkis - it's our only method of income in addition to donations from SheSkis members - remember our Snowman Jar??). Please bring your gently used items for the "exchange" that will begin at 6:00 and close down at 7:00.

In addition to our stuff, Peggy Wagner, our area Swix clothing representative, is bringing her line of Swix clothing from last year to sell; 10% of what she sells will go back to SheSkis! She is bringing lightweight and insulated jackets and pants suitable for XC Skiing and other active outdoor winter sports. Prices range from $20-150.

Carrie Baic will also be bringing jewelery, hats and scarves that she will be selling with a %age to SheSkis!

This is an excellent way to weed out those items that are in great shape that you just no longer use; bring those "weeds" with you and go home with different duds!

That's it for this week....stay tuned for plans for 12/7....doubt we'll have snow to ski, but we will have a great time - guaranteed!!




SheSkis - 10/26

Get your Yoga gear together for Wed., 10/26! Plan to bring your yoga mat and water bottle to Timber Ridge at 6:00 pm; dress for activity and be ready to have an hour session with our own Carrie Baic, cerrified yoga instructor.


 Last week, we did Hil Bounding and Nordic Walking...dirt to snow for ladies of all skill levels and ages....