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Join us For WeSki in 2018!


Sun., Feb. 4


YES!!! WeSkis skis tomorrow at Timber Ridge @ 3:00...there is the Nordic Rocs event just finishing, so parking will be snug! However, we can do it!!! This will be our last session for the season, so you won't want to miss - we'll even be all done by Super Bowl time!! 

For those who haven't as yet registered their young folks up to age 15 for the Junior Vasa NEXT weekend (remember this is FREE to WeSkiers!), please go to vasa.org and use the following codes when registering:


JV Wave 11     5-7 yrs   WESKI11


JV Wave 12     8-9 yrs   WESKI12


JV Wave 13   10 -15 yrs WESKI13





HOORAY!!  WeSki is ON for tomorrow, 1/21!!



Stay tuned for decision about Sunday's session - warm temps and little to no new snow may force postponement.

emails will be sent to each registrant/family by early afternoon today, 1/20.

You can always check back here on VSC website, or go to FB!!




"WeSki" is a program sponsored by the Vasa Ski Club (VSC) in the Grand Traverse area of the northern lower peninsula of Michigan.  It was developed in response to the need in our area to provide an affordable entry-level, small group instructional experience in the sport of cross-country (XC) skiing that’s age and ability appropriate. Three weekly 1-hour sessions are offered in January. A tasty,light and nutritious meal follows each lesson to facilitate whole-family participation and socialization.

Goals are to lay the foundation for a life-long physical activity that can be enjoyed in the winter months, individually, in a group or as a family, promoting better physical health, social interaction, family bonding, use of local XC trail systems, and participation in local and national XC ski events.

Since it was such a popular session last year, the RACING CLINIC will be held once again on all three Sundays, even though this group is well beyond "entry-level" skiing!

In 2018, WeSKi will be again be offered on a Sunday afternoons.

Dates are January 14, 21 & 28, 3:00 - 5:00 PM at Timber Ridge Resort.

Registration Form Here

Information Sheet Here



The Vasa Ski Club relies of the generosity of volunteer coaches to provide ski instruction for the participants of WeSki.

A Coaches' Clinic will take place on Saturday, January 6, 3:00 - 5:00 PM at Timber Ridge.  Nationally renowned PSIA Nordic Coach Emily Lovett will lead the session. It will be amazing!  Plan to attend and take advantage of all the coaching wisdom that Emily has to impart!

Contact Linda Deneen at deneendaisy@charter.net for more information.